Ferreira Concrete Forms, Inc. (FCF) is a leader in the cast-in-place concrete foundation industry. Our layout and engineering services include a robotic total station, allowing for a small tolerance of error for anchor bolt installs. This allows your steel contractors to erect more efficiently, with fewer modifications. Our equipment is upheld to the highest standards, allowing employees to work smarter and not harder. Forklifts and rebar-tying machines accompany every project for maximum productivity, and a fully working machine shop provides specialty products needed for any project. We can also engineer and install deep foundation systems, that solves any foundation issues that arise on job sites.  


The vision of Ferreira Concrete Forms, Inc. (FCF) began in the early ‘80s when three Portuguese brothers came to America. In 1984 those brothers, Mario, Mariano and Jose Ferreira, helped form a residential construction company called Brothers Construction.

They evolved into their own business in 1986, forming FCF and focusing solely on foundation construction. Mario, the youngest of the three, was the CEO and face of the company. Mariano and Jose would organize and lead the crew to complete projects in record time. The business strived to help families in their community, and in their homeland, find reliable work and build bright futures in the United States.

By the ‘90s, the company was growing rapidly and gaining a reputation for quality and speed. In the residential market, they were completing full subdivisions and began delving into commercial projects. They were completing jobs innovatively and quickly, such as in 1992 when they created over a mile of fourteen-foot high wall for a Providence-based project.

In 1994 tragedy struck when 29-year-old Mario Ferreira passed away in an automobile accident. His loving wife, mother and father, six brothers, and eighteen nieces and nephews survived him. The hole his absence left was immeasurable, but the family would face more hardship later that year when Jose became injured in an accident and was unable to return to work.

Following that year of heartache, Mariano worked strenuously to carry on the brothers’ collective dream of providing quality jobs and work within their community. He continued to help families in Portugal immigrate and find work in the United States, while expanding the business furthermore.

Today FCF maintains the family-run tradition and employs families from their community in all facets, from administrative to fieldwork. Many of our employees are first generation immigrants, and it is our goal to provide them with stable employment at a reputable company for the benefit of their family and the community.  

We would like to take a moment to thank our clients, loved ones, and neighbors who have helped us build an industry-leading company and prosperous life here in America.

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