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Company History

Our company was brought together by three brothers from an island off the coast of Portugal, called San Miguel which belongs to a small group of islands known as Azores. Among three, Mario is the youngest, second is Mariano and Jose the oldest, was in America for a short period of time, they thought if they can start a construction company we can create better life for themselves, their family and friends . With little experience and lot of heart they took it as a challenge in creating Ferreira Concrete Forms, Inc. 

The company was first started in 1984 as a residential home builder in the named Brothers Construction, building high quality homes and doing quality home remodels. A majority of their customers were from the old country, they were able to help them by navigating the difficult task of designing, permitting and construction new homes and performing remodels. On one of their new home projects they hired a foundation subcontractor who couldn’t produce a quality foundation within the schedule. But the sub-contractor was looking for another crew in order to help out with their work load, so the brothers took it as challenge, with three of their hands and the use of the subcontractors’ forms they initiated. They have learned quickly on how to become efficient and produce a quality product. From April of 1986 they started strictly performing foundations and never looked back. 

All the three had a task in the company. Mario Ferreira, the youngest of three brothers was the President and face of the company, also the only one who could speak English. Mariano Ferreira and Jose Ferreira would organize the crew and lead them to get the project complete on time, most of the time ahead of schedule. Ferreira Concrete Forms, Inc. was starting to get the reputation for speed and quality in the residential market performing full sub divisions for builders and stepping at small commercial projects.

Ferreira’s marked a name for themselves in 1992. The main reason was a project in Providence on Blackstone Boulevard called Laurelmead Retirement Center with over one mile with fourteen foot high wall. This project pushed the company to reach new heights; they developed new methods of gang forming high walls, and installing rebar to make themselves more efficient with each concrete pour. 

April 19, 1994 the first tragedy happened to the family, Mario Ferreira age 29, president of Ferreira Concrete Forms, brother of six, son of two loving parents, uncle to eighteen nieces and nephews, friend of any one who ever know him, and husband to a very loving wife, passed away in an accident on route 88 in Westport, MA, this was the worst day for everyone who involved with his life.

August 28, 1994 the second tragedy happened to Jose Ferreira was involved in a work accident where he lost the ability to return to his work. From this point on Mariano Ferreira decided to continue with not only the original concept of Ferreira Concrete Forms, Inc. He provided a good job for his family and friends, but to also continue with the dream of helping the Portuguese community.

Continuing with the tradition of family, Mariano started the process of bringing more family from the San Miguel, and helping them to settle in America. Today we have a total of seven family working for the company in various positions from Head Foreman to laborers. We believe in family working together to help each other in becoming better family and also better company. Most of our employees are first generation immigrants from different countries; we want to provide them what we were provided when we first came to this country, a steady work and a good healthy work environment.

We would like to thank our customers, family, friends, and neighbors and everyone who helped us to live a good life as we are today and a leader in our industry.

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